Manufacture of Rubber Extrusion Equipment
Expert of Rubber Extrusion Process&Techniques Customized Production Lines
Turn-key Engineering

BAINA rubber technical experts and designers aim at customer interests, cooperate closely, work together, continue to carry out technological Innovation, and introduce one technology and equipment to produce high quality and high quality products with high quality and high efficiency.
According to the special conditions and requirements of customers, we can tailor the single machine and turn key project.
The technical department of BAINA plays a very important role in the success of the company. In its department, it is equipped with necessary equipment to provide customers with a large number of new rubber formulations, products and components testing, so as to optimize production equipment and production lines.
BAINA has the technical expertise to benefit the customers, the potential of continuous innovation, reliable technology and high qualily equipment, prolonging the service life of the machine, and serving the customer as the goal. The strength of BAINA is demonstrated throughout the world.

BAINA is an expert in the following aspects:
Rubber extruder
?Rubber continuous curing line, feed and
subsequent equipment
?Rubber technology and turn-key project
To us, the social responsibility is not just about making personal profits .taking personal duty and developing personal business career, the social responsibility to us is the source of the development,innovation and competitive enhancement of the enterprise.

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