Efficient Machine,Epdm Extruder

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Update: 10-04-2020
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  Basically, the main difference is the curing process […]

  Basically, the main difference is the curing process or vulcanization of the rubber during the extrusion process.The material is fed into a feed hopper, which takes the material and feeds it into various flutes in a revolving screw.There is no more need for talc or special chemicals; epdm extruder are needed for granulation and dissolution.

  While we use it for epdm extruder, it won’t surprise you to know that the extrusion process is used to create many types of products.In preparation for extrusion, additives like sulphur, carbon black and accelerators may be added to the rubber to form a compound.Every epdm extruder has unique needs and requires different material properties for custom rubber molded products.

  Once the material reaches the die, the built-up pressure forces the material through the openings.In warehouses and manufacturing facilities, rubber rollers, sheets and rods absorb the noise and vibration caused by rubber extruder.We are confident we can make exactly what you need to get your job done right the first time. Then, the rubber part normally must be vulcanized before it is usable.

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