Recaufair Pneushow 2020

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Update: 11-04-2019
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Recaufair Pneushow 2020 and Expobor 2020, co-sponsored […]

Recaufair Pneushow 2020 and Expobor 2020, co-sponsored by Francal Feirase Empreendimentos Ltda of Brazil, have successfully held 13 sessions. Since the first Recaufair-PneuShow in 1996, the exhibition has become one of the leading industries and updating market frontier exhibitions. It has developed into the largest exhibition of tires, tire refurbishment, tire recycling and related services in Latin America. Expobor has become one of Brazil's leading rubber technology and machinery exhibitions. The 2018 exhibition successfully attracted more than 180 most important enterprises from the tire rubber industry. International exhibitors came from Germany, the United States, Colombia, Poland and other countries. At the same time, more than 18,600 professional audiences visited the exhibition hall. The total area of the exhibition reached 17,000 square meters. Brazil is a big Latin American country, with its territory, population and GDP ranking first in Latin America, and is the eighth largest economy in the world. South America is the key export area of our country's products. Our machinery products have gained high popularity and market share in the international market with reliable quality and low price. Brazil's total economic output ranks first in South America and has strong radiation capability to surrounding countries. Therefore, the International Technology, Machinery and Rubber Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the International Tread Renovation and Equipment Technology Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil, will attract a large number of South American businessmen to the conference. Participating in the exhibition is a good opportunity to expand product publicity and open up markets in South America. we are at E-91!

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